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Disclosure Documents of PriceSure cc
Amended 13.6.2016
1 Disclosure Documents of Price-sure CC* 2 Client’s Duty of Disclosure 3 Policy Protection Rules of Price-sure CC 4 Business Continuity Plan
NOTE:  *Price-sure CC was incorrectly spelled before as Pricesure CC but the matter has now been resolved. 1 . Disclosure Documents  (later on referred to as PS). Disclosure (Information about the financial adviser as well as the product supplier.) (This information does not form part of the insurance contract or any other document.) Personal Details: Name and ID of  the key individual and representative of the financial service provider: Tania Swart ID6111270079089. Business Details: Name of business: PRICE-SURE CC, Financial Service Provider (FSP)lisence code: 12565 Physical- and Postal Address: Physical address: 674 Fenwick street, Moreleta Park , Gauteng, Pretoria. Postal Address: Not in use any more, We only except electronic mail. Contact Details: Telephone number : 012 997 0887, Cell nr: 082 7790 242, Fax number 086 542 9460 and E-mail address: pricesure@mweb.co.zaOur website address is : www.pricesure.co.za Contact person: The representative and manager of the FSP: Tania Lombard Other business addresses: None Legal status: Close Corporation Contractual Status:
Amended 13.6.2016
The person delivering this document acts on behalf of the FSP  as a representative  for the FSP and in terms of the ACT the FSP takes full responsibility for its own acts as well as the acts of its representatives that has received a mandate to act on behalf of the FSP. Any concern in any  insurer: No Amount of business with  certain insurers: The adviser has recieved more than 30% of the total remuneration, including commision, from any product supplier/s:        Yes- Santam: 70% . Financial Services to be offered: Price-sure CC  has been authorised to provide short-term personal- and commercial lines advisory- and intermediary services. Compliance arrangements: The Key individual (T Lombard)  of Price-sure CC    is responsible for the FSP’s compliance arrangements. Guarentees/Professional indemnity/Fedility cover: In possession of proffesional indemnity insurance or not: We have Professional Indemnity- and Fedility cover. Disclosure of our commission: Randvalue of payable fees and commission- We currently earn *12.5% commision on motor- and 20% on non-motor sections on your policy. Thus: for a combined motor- and non-motor policy, we earn on average 15% and on a non-motor policy 20%. * See schedule for brokerfees. The frequency of commission and broker fees is that it is monthly payable by the client. See schedule for the exact disclosure of our commission. Written mandate to represent insurer: Yes The FDV as supplier has an independent, legal and binding agreement with the following product suppliers that administrates their policies themselves: SHA,  MIRABILIS, RSA Wildlife, AUTO&GENERAL,1st FOR WOMAN, UNITY, VIRSEKER, etc. The FSP on the other hand contracted FSP SOLUTIONS:
Amended 13.6.2016
Please find below additional information pertaining to FSP Solutions. We have an internet based quoting system available to our brokers. You can either quote via the internet by logging in with your Username and Password or via our Call Centre which operates Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 18:00 and on Saturdays, 09:00 to 13:00 Your client's info is captured onto the system once and in less than 8 minutes you will have a quotation from the following insurers and sub products on Domestic quotes:
Note that all the above-mentioned insurers products are for Combined as well as Motor Only business FSP Commercial Online (PTY) Ltd offers a multiple quote solution to our broker base, focusing on providing excellent service and market-leading products. We have a range of products available on our Commercial Platform: Abelard Underwriting Agency Absa Insurance Company LTD 
AC&E Engineering Underwriting Managers
Art Insure
Auto & General CIA Commercial Industrial Acceptance Echelon  Envirosure Genlib Insurance  Ibility Lion of Africa  Lynx Transit Underwriters Oojah  Petrosure Polygon Underwriting Regent Insurance Company Santam  SHA VUM  Western National Insurance Company FSP Solutions will pay your full broker fee and commission which is 12.5% on Motor Sections and 20% on non Motor Sections and BROLINK, a licensed administrator to assist us, we use the same system,  in preparing quotes, endorsements, renewal letters and dealing with claims for the personal short-term insurance policies of
Absa Plus 9 Oakhurst Insurance Auto & General New National Proper First For Women New National  Exclusive Virseker  Santam Multiplex Unity  Santam Multi Motor Oakhurst Taxi  CTU Taxi Product King price
SANTAM (San 05), SANTAM BROLINK10, M&F, ZURICH, etc. and many other insurers’ policies that they administrate for commercial policies. Price-sure CC  , with these group scheme policies of BROLINK,  still solely acts as the broker and solely supplies the intermediary- and advisory services. Below is a letter which explains the relationship between Santam and Brolink.
Amended 13.6.2016
BROLINK’S address and contact details is the following: TEL +27 12 673 0000 or +27 12 450 2600 ADDRESS Westend Office Park, 254 Hall Street, Centurion, 0157 PO Box 9346, Centurion, 0046 Compliance section of the product supplier: Name and contact numbers of the compliance official:  This information will be on the schedule supplied to the client Complaints division of the product supplier: This information will be on the schedule supplied to the client Terms or limitations introduced by the product supplier with referral to the types of financial  products or services  that may be provided by the supplier: This information will be supplied will be on the schedule supplied to the client 2 . Client’s Duty of Disclosure- (What you must tell Insurers) It is Client’s responsibility to disclose to insurers via PS all material information when obtaining cover, whether proposal or other forms are applicable or completed. Information is material if it would or may reasonably be expected to affect the insurer’s assessment of the risk whether from the perspective of the premium, or the terms of acceptance of any risk, or if the misrepresentation/non-disclosure induces the insurer to enter the contract of insurance on terms or prevents the insurer from forming its own view as to the effect of such risk information on its assessment. The insurer is not obliged to make enquiries about material risk information; the onus falls upon Client as the insured duty assisted by PS. If any material information is omitted or misrepresented, insurers may have the right to void the policy (possibly retrospectively) or reject any claim made in terms thereof.  This may mean there is no longer an insurance policy and/or no claims
Amended 13.6.2016
will be paid.  It is, therefore, extremely important to enable the insurers to accurately assess the risk. The duty of disclosure arises when the insurance is first taken out and every time Client renews or amends it.  The policy may also include a requirement to advise material changes to Client’s risk profile or business throughout the term of the policy and Client is required to inform PS as soon as possible of any circumstances that have changed or are likely to materially affect any risk insured. Prior to inception (new policy) or renewal (expiring policy) Client must advise PS of all Client known incidents which reasonably could give rise to a claim not yet reported to PS. This is material information and non-disclosure to insurers prior to inception or renewal date may result in claims being repudiated or cover being voided or alternatively re-negotiation of premium and other policy terms. Client history of business liquidation or insolvency needs to be advised to PS. Clients can use the bottom  checklist to check disclosures made by yourselves or on your behalf  by PS . After disclosures the check list  should look like this:
1 That all material information in relation to the application/endorsement must be fully disclosed
2 That the client is responsible for the correctness and completeness  of all answers given to questions in the application/endorsement form
3 If the application/endorsement form is completed on behalf of the  client and in his presence, that all information is accurately and completely recorded
4 If the application/endorsement form is completed on behalf of the client without his presence, the client will check all information on the schedule supplied afterwards to be accurately and completely recorded and if not, let us as the broker know of any outstanding/incorrect information.
That the client must understand the following possible consequences or misrepresentation of material facts, non-disclosure or inclusion of incorrect information
Amended 13.6.2016
1 Non-acceptance of the proposal  Yes 2 The suspension or cancellation of the product  Yes 3 The adjustment of benefits or premiums  Yes 4 The loss of premiums already paid  Yes 5 The cancellation of benefits  Yes
6 Refusal by the product supplier to pay any claim or benefits under  the product
7 The Ombud making an adverse finding if a complaint is lodged to  his office
The  information in the document has been given to the client in the following way: The client hereby receives a copy hereof  per e-mail Document hasn’t been signed due to electronic post. 3 . Policy Protection Rules for Clients 1 ) You have to be informed of any essential change in the above paragraphs 1 & 2. When the information in paragraphs 1 and 2 were given to you verbally, it has to be put in writing within  80 days. 2 ) In the case of a complaint towards the intermediary or insurer that was not resolved,   you   can   put   in   a   formal   complaint   at   the   Registrar   of   Short-   term insurance. 3 ) Poligraph- or any lie detector tests is not compulsary in the case of a claim, and failing to do so can not be the only reason for the repudiation of a claim. 4 ) In cases when premium will be paid with a debit order:it may only be for one benificiary and may not be done without your approval; and the insurer must inform you in writing more than 30 days before the cancellation there of, what the cancellation process entails. 5 ) The insurer, not the intermediary, must give valid reasons for the repudiation of a claim. 6 ) Your insurer may not cancel your insurance only by informing your intermediary. There is a requirement to make sure that a notice were sent to you.
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Amended 13.6.2016
7 ) Your are entitled to have a copy of the policy without any extra cost. 8 ) Warning:Don’t sign any non-completed or partly completed forms.  Fill in all forms in ink.  Keep all the documents delivered to you.  Keep notes of what is said to you.  Don’t be placed under pressure to purchase the product.  The Insured that allows faulty information on his schedules to stay there or doesn’t reveal all relevant information might end up with claims that don’t get  paid out by the insurer. 9 ) Complaints must  be submitted  to us as your broker firstly,  in writing   and must contain all relevant information, and copies of all relevant documentation must be attached  thereto;  We will then seek to resolve the matter within 6 weeks. Details of the Ombud for Short-term insurance who can advice you in the case of a claim that was not correctly handled by the insurer or insurance intermediary:Visit the following website: www.faisombud.co.za 1 0 ) Details of the Registrar for Short-term insurance:   Board of Financial Services, PO Box 35655, MENLOPARK, 0102        Phone (012) 428 8000 Fax ( 012) 346 6831 4 . Business Continuity Plan. If T Lombard is unavailable, please call your insurer or Customer Loyalty Care (CLC) on 0861222252 or Joe Kotze of FIA on +27 6650085
082 779 0242