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Price-Sure cc’s Contract with Insurers
ABOUT PRICE-SURE CC’S OWN CONTRACTS WITH INSURERS.   Pricesure CC ,  the broker,  does not get involved in underwriting, but supply intermediary-  and advisory services.  We have legal and binding agreements with the following insurers/product suppliers that underwrites their policies themselves: SHA,  HCV ( HEAVY COMMERCIAL VEHICLES),   CEU, now being called MIRABILIS,   RSA Wildlife,  AUTO-TRADERS, AUTO&GENERAL,  FFW,  VIRSEKER,  UNITY,  MUA The FSP on the other hand has a contract with BROLINK, a licensed   underwriter, that assists us and other brokers TO OBTAIN GROUP SCHEME TYPE OF QUOTES FROM either Santam, Mutual& Federal, Hollard, Zurich, Paladin etc. Pricesure CC takes full responsibility in obtaining the necessary information from clients so that either us or Brolink can prepare a quotation for our clients. Brolink is not allowed to contact Pricesure CC’s  clients directly. Pricesure CC remains the Broker at all times and all correspondence received by clients  will always only  from Pricesure CC.
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